Calendar Girls movie review

Calendar Girls reviews

Movie NameCalendar Girls
DirectorMadhur Bhandarkar
Star castAkanksha Puri, Avani Modi, Kyra Dutt, Ruhi Singh, Satarupa Pyne, Rohit Roy
Rating* * * * *(2/5)

Calendar Girls is a drama based Movie which shows us the darkness under the real spotlight. Earlier Madhur Bhandarkar has tried same concept in Page 3 and Fashion. If we look at the concept of the movie then it is similar to his earlier movies but this time he gave a chance to newbies. You can visualize the story without watching it. There is nothing different in calendar girls movie and other movies of same category. As expected Calendar Girls is performing very bad in box office. We asked reviews of Calendar Girls movie to public and we got a mixed reviews.

Calendar Girls
Few people liked the movie and enjoyed it. But most of the people disliked the   movie and said that it's a waste of money to watch Calendar Girls movie in theater. If we look at the ratings of this movie then Calendar Girls got only 2 stars out of 5 stars according to user views. Few of the people said that fashion was more better then this movie while some of the people liked Calendar Girls more then Fashion movie. So its difficult for us to say which one is better but story line is almost same of both movies.

Calendar Girls
If you liked the Fashion and Page 3 movies then you can give a try to Calendar Girls also but if not then just avoid this movie and don't waste your time and Money on Calendar Girls Movie. If anyone has already watched this movie then must share your reviews over here in comment box which will help others. Have a nice day.
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