Katti Batti movie review

Movie Review of Katti Batti

Movie NameKatti Batti
GenereRomantic Comedy
DirectorNikhil Advani
Star castImran Khan, Kangana Ranaut
Rating* * * * *(2/5)
Katti Batti was released on 18th September 2015 which is directed by Nikhil Advani. I would like to say that it is very bad time for Nikhil Advani.He has directed films like Kal Ho na ho which is one of the legendary Bollywood films  and now he is making films like Katti Batti. I expected a lot from this movie Katti Batti but i think i have wasted my money on Katti Batti movie. Its an average film(only one time watchable). 

Katti Batti movie
Initial Story of Katti Batti:

A young Architect Maddy(Imran Khan) fall in love with Payal(Kangana Ranaut). He really loves her and wants to marry with her. Payal also fall in love with maddy but she wants only time pass relationship. After that both have decided to live together. after sometime payal left maddy without telling any reason. After that in the movie maddy tries to claw in his way to get back his love(Payal). 

We cannot put this movie in romantic movies category. Instead of that we can put this movie in Romantic Comedy category. Script of this movie is very bad and now its all upto kangana and imran for success of this movie. Hope for Nikhil Advani is only Kangan and Imran's acting because most of the people disliked this script. 
Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan in Katti Batti

Above is my overall review of Katti Batti. it may happen that someone liked the movie. I would like to request all of you to give your reviews about katti batti bollywood movie in comment box. which will help others to make decision to go for movie or not? Have a nice day.
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