Jazbaa Movie reviews

Jazbaa(Jazba) movie has been released on 09th October 2015. Check reviews of Jazbaa movie over here.

Movie NameJazbaa
GenreAction-Drama, Thriller
DirectorSanjay Gupta
Star castIrfan Khan, Aishwarya rai bachchan and Shababa Azmi
Rating* * * * *(4/5)
Aishwarya rai bachchan has done good come back with great acting in Jazbaa movie. She came back in Bollywood after 5 years. But she has done a good come back by Jazbaa. How can we forgot Irfan Khan? He is in a lead role in movie and gave his best performance. Jazba movie got 4 stars out of 5 according to public reviews. But people gave that much stars for Aishwarya rai and Irfan Khan's acting in Jazbaa Movie.
Zajbaa reviews

Jazbaa is Action - Drama movie which is full of thrill. People said that we were stick to our chairs up to the end of movie. Sanjay Gupta has directed movie very well. We also got the news that sequence of the scenes was ordinary but people enjoyed the thrill of the movie and Irfan Khan and Aishwarya rai's acting in jazbaa. On first day people gave very much positive reviews to this movie and it is being expected that it will become a blockbuster hit movie. If you are waiting for reviews and didn't book your tickets yet then hurry up and book your tickets otherwise all the shows of Jazbaa will be houseful. 
Aishwarya rai and Irfan Khan in Jazbaa

If anyone from you have already watched Jazbaa then must share your reviews over here in comment box. It will be helpful to other readers and they can make a decision that go for movie at weekend or not? But i will suggest to all of you go for Jazbaa movie and you will enjoy. Have a nice day.
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