Talvar Movie reviews

Movie reviews of Talvar
Movie NameTalvar
DirectorMeghna Gulzar
Star castIrfan Khan, Tabu, Konkona Sen, Neeraj Kabi,Sohum Shah
Rating* * * * *(4/5)

Irfan Khan's movie Talvar has been released on 2nd October 2015. Many of you will be confused and thinking that either go for Talvar or go for Singh Is Bling? Best solution is read the reviews and then decides which movie you should watch in theater. Here in this post you will find reviews of Talvar movie.
Talvar movie

Talvar is a drama film which is based on real life story of Arushi murder case. In this movie Irfan Khan is playing a lead role as an investigating officer of Shruti murder case and Kempal Murder case (Duble Murder case). Tabu is playing a role of Irfan Khan's wife but she has a very short role in this movie. Konkona sen is playing a role of mother of shruti. I am not going to tell you story of this movie because if you read the story then no meaning to watch the movie. But movie is just awesome. It showed that how bad our police system and its impact on public.Talvar movie got 4 ratings out of 5.

According to me Talvar is a fantastic movie for those who likes suspense in movies. Story of the movie is very good and Irfan Khan's acting is like bonus point for Talvar movie. I can bet that you will be shocked by seeing the end of movie. So don't spoil your weekend and book tickets for Talvar movie. It will be great to watch movie with popcorn and coke.

If any one of you have already seen talvar movie then share your reviews of Talvar in comment box over here. It will help others. Have a nice day.
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