Commando 2 Movie Review

Movie NameCommando 2
GenreThriller, Black Money Trail
DirectorDeven Bhojani
Star castVidut Jammwal, Adah Sharma, Esha gupta, Freddy Daruwala, Thakur Anup Singh, Shefali Shah
ProducerVipul Shah
Rating* * * * *(3/5)

Commando 2 is Black Money trail movie in which Vidut jammwal has played lead role. As per critics, Movie got only (2.5/5) ratings and as per user ratings, it got (3/5). It's an entertaining movie but it is not that much good as per our expect ions. I will say Commando was far better than Commando 2. Vidut Jammwal, Thakur Anup Singh and Freddy Daruwala has done a very good acting in the movie but Adah Sharma's acting is not good in the movie. Freddy Daruwala is really godd actor but in Commando 2 he didn't get that much role.
Commando 2

If we talk about story then it's a typical Bollywood movie in which you can easily predict the story. Starting of the movie is too good but then till end of first half movie is boring. 2nd half is good enough with compare to 1st half. Overall it's a onetime watch movie. We can go to theaters to watch Vidut jammwal's stunts. His stunts are too good but still fighting scenes were better in Commando. 

By looking at the end of movie it seems that they will make commando 3 as well. Here Bollywood is trying to copy the series like Mission Impossible and Vidut jammwal is a Tom Cruse. What are your thinking about this? 

So friends have you watched Commando 2? If yes please share your reviews in comment box.
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